Lubricant Testing Laboratory

Feoso Malaysia laboratory is fully equipped with the latest laboratory testing  equipment to ensure each and every blend produced by Feoso passes

through  the stringent quality control process for assurance of consistent quality.  All our raw materials for manufacturing also go through the stringent quality testing  and monitoring by our qualified chemists.  Our laboratory also provides used oil analysis; report on the condition of the  used oil and insight into the condition of the machine.


The various tests and testing methods available are as follows :-


No. Test Items Test Method
1 Viscosity @ 100C  ASTM D7042 equivalent to ASTM D445
2 Viscosity @ 40C ASTM D7042 equivalent to ASTM D445
3 Viscosity Index ASTM D2270
4 Density ASTM D4052
6 TBN ASTM 2896
7 Flash Point(PMCC) ASTM D93
8 Foaming Test, Seq I ASTM D892
9 Foaming Test, Seq II ASTM D892
10 CCS ASTM D5293 
11 Emulsion Test @ 58C ASTM D1401
12 Water Content ASTM D4928
13 Colour Lovibond ASTM D1500
14 Pour Point (5-50 deg C) ASTM D97
15 Pour Point (<50 deg C) ASTM D97
16 Element Test XRF/AAS